Payment and Deposit Policy

♦ Full payment due at time of booking within 30 days of your arrival date unless booked through a booking site.
♦ Deposit of 50% due 31+ days of your arrival date. Balance due 30 days of your arrival date unless booked through a booking site.
♦ Deposit and full payments can be made by cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express. A confirmation receipt will be sent via e-mail, text message or US Post after we process your deposit. Once payment has been processed, your reservation is considered booked. You agree to all conditions published herein and posted at Sycamore Guesthouse. Reservations booked through a booking site may have alternative deposit and payment policies which shall prevail.

Reservation Policy / Surcharges
♦ We prefer a two night minimum on weekends, holidays and community events.
♦ Your reservation is not considered booked until after Sycamore Guesthouse receives and processes your payment or deposit. In the unlikely event we accidentally double-book the date(s) of your reservation, the first reservation booked will be prioritized. We will refund any double-booked reservations and help the cancelled reservation seek alternative lodging within the entire HarborCountry area.

♦ Rates are based on season, holiday and community events.
♦ The entire Inn is available for groups or single-party bookings.
♦ Rates are subject to change and may differ from advertised pricing.

Cancellation Policy
♦ 31+ days prior to arrival: Refunds will be given less $50 service charge.
♦ 30 days prior to arrival: The entire amount of your stay will be forfeited unless the room can be re-booked, less $50 service charge. We will diligently try to re-book all cancelled reservations in order for refunds to be given. We limit check-in times to keep from disturbing other guests and consider your reservation a “no-show” after 10:00 p.m.
♦ At our discretion we may re-book a cancelled / forfeited reservation for a later date subject to availability. Guest will be responsible for additional costs/fees if the rebooked reservation is made for high season or holidays.

General Policies
♦ Absolutely no smoking/vaping of any kind or lighting any candles, incense, etc… within the Inn. We will charge a $250 cleaning fee if we determine a guest has smoked within the inn and a complete forfeiture of your entire security deposit.
♦ Security deposit shall be collected by the innkeeper at time of reservation, during your reservation or after your departure should damages be discovered after you have vacated the premises.
♦ Check-in is after 4 p.m. Eastern Time. We do not guarantee early check-in. Please keep in mind that we are located within and observe the Eastern Time Zone. We will contact you the morning of your expected arrival to secure an approximate arrival time. For individual room rentals: Unless specific arrangements are made, we limit check-in times to keep from disturbing other guests per our cancellation policy. There will be no check-ins after 10:30 p.m. Eastern Time and your reservation will be forfeited if you do not arrive prior to 10:30 p.m. Eastern Time.
♦ Check-out is 11 a.m. Eastern Time. Late check-outs must be prearranged.
♦ Breakfast is not provided, however we offer complimentary coffee / tea service in the dining room for individual booked rooms. This service is not available for group rentals.
♦ We cannot accommodate pets of any kind. Any pets brought into or upon the property shall immediately forfeit your entire security deposit as liquidated damages for deep cleaning. Guest is liable for any and all damage caused by bringing pets upon the premises in addition to forfeiting your entire security deposit.
♦ Children are welcome when a single-party (group) reserves the entire Inn. Please call us for details.
♦ Rates are based on a maximum of two guests per room except room 4. We do not offer additional beds or cots and do not allow guests to bring such items into the inn. We ask that our guests do not move any of the furnishings as damage to floors, walls and the furnishings may occur.
♦ We will do our best to accommodate special needs, however we cannot guarantee our ability to do so.
♦ Individual Room Rentals: After 10:30 p.m. we ask that our guests keep conversations, TV and radio volume at acceptable lower levels to keep from disturbing other guests.
♦ There is a $150.00 key charge for each key lost or not left at time of departure.
♦ Incidental/accidental damages charged at full repair or replacement value. Guests must make every attempt to clean and report any spills. Extraordinary cleaning will be charged at a minimum of $150 per hour. Sycamore Guesthouse is an Inn, not a Hotel/Motel and we reserve the right to limit the number of visitors a guest may invite to the inn. Guests are solely responsible for their behavior and actions as well as their co-guests and invited visitors.
♦ You and your party fully indemnify and hold harmless Sycamore Guesthouse, Sycamore Partners  and its owners for any loss, accidental injury or death while on the premises to the extent of State of Michigan Legislature Act 42 of 1905, Section 427, Liability of Inn Keeper.
♦ 6% Sales / lodging tax added to all bookings. Online booking sites will add tax to your booking.
♦ We reserve the right to ask any guest(s) to permanently leave the Inn if their actions or behavior become unruly or disruptive to other guests or neighbors or by bringing pets onto / into our property. No refunds will be given.
♦ You and your party agree to these terms upon Sycamore Guesthouse processing your deposit or payment. There shall be no exceptions to any of our policies.